A weekend guide to Venice

photopackagerArticle written by Global Travel Tourism

Venice is a beautiful, easy to reach city. You may think that the city is meant mostly for newlyweds and couples, but this city is perfect for travelling with friends, family or even on your own. Here is your weekend guide to Venice;

Food – Venice has some of the best italian food. Enjoy your meal at the many wine bars around the city. Don’t forget to try some cicheti, which are similar to Tapas.

Gondola ride – You can’t visit Venice and not ride a gondola. A 40 minute ride will cost you 80 euros. Visit St Mark’s square, for some stunning views and history. It is best to head their early, to avoid the tourists.

Rialto Bridge – This bridge is stunning and is a busy market place. You can get your pick of souvenirs, jewellery and artwork from the numerous vendors.

Libreria Acqua Alta – For book lovers this is the place to be. It’s a bookshop, but the books are filled in old boats

Hire a guide – Once you’ve explored the popular tourist sights, it’s advisable to hire a guide to show you a different side to the city. Although, Venice is a busy city from the outside, there are many sights that only a local would know. Get your guide to give you an insight to the local food, theatre and art. You can hire a good guide via your travel agent, concierge, or simply ask a local to recommend someone.

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