Great places in the world to photograph

We all have a wish list of places we would like to travel to just for the sake of photographing the amazing scenery, infrastructure or culture of the place. Some of the places in the list below might make it to your bucket list.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto offers amazing paths that cut through bamboo groves and can be crossed by feet or bicycle. In light winds, the bamboos sway against each other and during early morning and right before sunset the lighting is absolutely wonderful and soothing.

New Guinea

The civilization of New Guinea is particularly interesting as you would still be able to find people that live completely off the land and have no knowledge of anything that goes beyond their valleys. The place also offer some great sceneries to capture.

Sicily, Italy

The people of Sicily are deeply rooted in Catholic rites and religion. Their religion is however influenced by the ancient Greek and Arabs who were once settlers on the island. This makes for some amazingly unique in the world photography situations.

French Polynesia

The French Polynesia are made up of amazingly beautiful islands and warm people. But this is not what makes it a great place to photograph. It is rather the feeling of emptiness caused by the damages brought by explorers from the past that gives the place its unique allure.


Although locations in Mongolia are quite challenging to reach, once you get there, you would be welcomed with interesting elements to shoot such as horse races, wrestlings, hunting with the aid of golden eagles, camel trekking. The country is the dream of adventurous photographers.

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