Time Saving Tips for Wedding Photographers

Summertime is quite a hectic period for wedding photographers in the northern hemisphere. As from the month of May the wedding season jumpstarts and wedding photographers are faced with situations where they have to juggle assignments. With some good time management tips, this wedding season could be gone through stress-free.

Be smart about culling images

It might not be a good idea to propose thousands of images to clients while these images might not necessarily flattering. A smart way to undertake the assignment would be to propose hundreds of best shots. This would in turn make you think about each shot that you would be taking in order to propose the very best to the clients.

AutoLoader for Photoshop

Most wedding images would be requiring some form of batch editing. You might be using software such as Photoshop or Lightroom for this. Plugins are quick and effective ways of uploading and batch editing images. Autoloader is one of the those plugin and it is designed to work with photoshop. You might want to try out some plugins to determine which ones work best for you.

StoryBoard tool for blogging

Most wedding photographers or professional photographers would be using a blog or website to run their business and promote their products. Some blogging platforms have plugins that allow for the quick posting and uploading of images. Alternatively, during peak seasons, you might also consider scheduling posts that have been written several days ago. This would ensure that you are updating your website even when you are taken up with the wedding photoshoots.

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