Tips for watching a soccer game in England

The Premier League is one of the top soccer leagues in the world with some of the most popular names in the sport. Also, teams like Manchester United and Chelsea have some of the best soccer stadiums in the world. Any soccer fan who travels to the UK will want to don their replica soccer jerseys and watch at least one game. If your travels take you towards the United Kingdom, here is how you could plan out your trip and watch a few games.

For this guide, we will make two assumptions. First, that the duration of the trip will not change and that watching a game is not the primary purpose of the trip.


The first step is to look at the schedule and note all the matches during your free time on the trip. The official EPL website carries schedules, or there are plenty of websites online that carry the dates. All sites will carry the matches with the name of the home team first.


Now, look at all the games that teams will play close to your location. One of the great things about watching soccer in England is how easy it will be to find a game close to where you stay. Often, there might be some travel involved, but nothing that exceeds an hour-long train ride.


You can order the tickets online from the home team’s website. However, try and book your tickets as early as possible. Big rivalry games sell out very fast, and you will never get a ticket unless you buy well in advance.

Once you have your tickets, you can order all the replica gear you need online from sites like Soccer Garage.

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