What to wear when sea kayaking

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 Sea kayaking is a fun, adventurous hobby that lets you explore places you’d never reach on foot. It’s also a great bonding activity for friends and family, allowing you to share an experience unlike any other, especially if you kayak in places populated with exotic nature and wildlife such as the San Juan Islands. However, to have the best experience possible, it’s important to dress appropriately for sea conditions.

Most kayakers recommend dressing for the temperature of the water, rather than the air. This means wearing a wetsuit or a long-sleeved rash guard in most conditions. You may not think your kayak will capsize, but it’s always best to be prepared for the possibility most of your body will touch the water.

Depending on where you are kayaking, you will want to layer more or less based on the local temperatures. Even though it’s best to wear more layers in colder weather, try not to wear anything too bulky or heavy, because this will make it harder to paddle your kayak. It’s better to add water-resistant thermal layers underneath your outerwear, rather than adding more layers on top. It’s also best to avoid wearing cotton clothing because cotton is heavily absorbent and will not dry quickly.

There are also a few essential pieces of clothing you should never leave behind while kayaking. For your safety, never forget your life jacket or PFD (personal flotation device). Also, be sure to take some sunglasses and a good wide-brimmed hat, so the sun’s rays won’t distract you while you’re paddling.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when planning your next big adventure. If you’re looking for a new destination, consider giving San Juan Island sea kayaking a try. Crystal Seas offers a variety of kayaking day tours in beautiful San Juan Island locations just for you.

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