4 lies that hotels may tell their guests

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All of us have been hoodwinked at least once, after booking a stay at a hotel. Most of the time hotels use vague phrases, known as “Marketing speak”, that can misead their guests to believe that they are offering more than what they actually are. Here are 4 lies that hotels may tell their guests

Breakfast Included – It is nice when your hotel offers you breakfast, as it gives you a pleasant start to the day. But some hotels will state that they offer continental breakfasts, which include some stale coffee and pre-wrapphotopackagerped breads. Some hotels on the other hand will brand themselves as bed and breakfasts, but charge you extra for breakfast. When making your booking, ask the hotel what they offer as breakfast and ask if coffee, fresh breads and fruits are on the menu.

Location – Hotels will claim to be walking distance from local sights, but in fact you will need to take a short bus ride to get to the popular attractions in town. It is advisable to check google maps  and compare your hotel’s location to attractions that you are looking to visit.

Ocean View – There is a big difference between an ocean view and an ocean front view. An ocean view could mean a glimpse of the sea and a far walk or car ride to the beach. An ocean front view on the other hand, means that your room will be within a close walk to the beach.

Free Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is one amenity that a travelers wants most. However, in most hotels although the Wi-Fi is free, the connection is so slow that it can be impossible to load a page.

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