4 Things that you may not like about solo travel and how to overcome them

Solo travel can be rewarding but can also be lonely. Here are some things that people may dislike about solo travel followed by advice on how to overcome them.

Eating alone – Eating alone can seem daunting when you are in a foreign country. Although eating alone can be tough, look at boosting your confidence by asking the waiter for a seat near a window, outside or near the bar. Remember that solo dining can be a great way to meet new people as people will be more willing to approach you if you are alone. Consider taking your Kindle or a good book to keep you entertained while your food arrives.

The single supplement – Most vacation companies will place a levy for solo travelers, and often single rooms can cost a lot more than if you share. Look for travel companies that specialize in single travel to get the best discounts.

Not having anyone to watch your stuff – You will have to take your carry on with you where ever you go because you will not have anyone to watch your stuff while you head to the washroom or visit a store. Look at packing light and checking-in most of your luggage.

Having to rely on yourself – Relying on yourself is a good way to improve your skills. Consider improving your local language skills, navigation and currency converting to help you navigate through your new destination

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