4 Ways to Enjoy Your Time At the British Islands

As is commonly known, the British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory that consists of 4 main islands. Of course, there are a number of smaller ones too. Without a doubt, its main attraction are reef-lined beaches and for also being a yachting destination.

Here are 4 ways to enjoy your time at the British Virgin Islands:

1: The Private Island

Guana Island as it is known has seven beaches and 18-airy stoned cottages and spans about 850 acres. This island is perfect for honeymooners and rich folk who need some quiet time away. Of course, there are others things to do such as hiking, tennis and badminton too.

2: The Classic Resort

Located at Virgin Gorda, the Rosewood Little Dix Bay resort was originally founded by Laurance Rockefeller. Only recently it converted its 10 tree-house cottages into five large suites that come with wraparound terraces.

 photopackeager3: The Charter Sail

Festiva Sailing Vacations offer catamarans that allow people to pick their own course through the British Virgin Islands. Of course, each of these boats come with a captain and a first mate. It costs about $1848 per person for seven nights.

4: The Modern Villa

This estate, which is also located at Virgin Gorda, offers all the luxuries that a resort offers but with additional space and privacy. Some of the perks include a 24-hour concierge and a beach club as well. This resort is perfect for multigenerational getaways since the eight houses have anywhere from a single to six bedrooms. Expect it to cost more than a thousand dollars for the comfort it offers.

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