5 Cheaper ways to stay when on holiday

With airfares increasing every year, travelers may find it difficult to travel due to budget constraints. Here are five cheaper ways to stay when on holiday.

Short-term room rentals – Using Airbnb.com, Homestay.com, and 9flats.com, travelers can now rent a room in someone’s home, cottage or studio apartment. Most often prices are below $50 and are in convenient locations. However, if you don’t feel safe living in someone’s home, this will not be a good option for you.

Religious housing – Religious housing can be affordable and in locations that will help you see the most important tourist locations in countries that have a religious history. Such locations will be clean and functional, but if you are looking for luxury, look elsewhere.

Hostels – Hostels are great for travelers of all ages who are on a budget. Look at basic, private accommodation that offers a communal kitchen and washrooms facilities.

Homestays – Look at organizing a homestay with long-established hospitality networks like Servas International, or CouchSurfing.com. If you’re looking to mix with the locals and meet new interesting people, this is the choice for you.

Vacation rentals – Vacation rentals will allow you to rent a home or cottage, which can then be shared by your family and friends, making your accommodation much more affordable. The advantage of vacation rentals is that you will have a kitchen so that you can at least cook one meal at your rental, reducing your costs even further.

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