5 Travel Essentials You Must Carry

If you plan to go on vacation in the summer, trip preparation is important. In other words, there are a few necessary things that you must carry.

So, here are 5 travel essentials that you must keep in mind:

photopackgers1: Emergency Kit

A well-stocked kit should contain protein bars, jumper cables, first-aid supplies. A flashlight and extra batteries, road flares or reflective triangles, a blanket and water are necessary too. Apart from this, items such as wet wipes, a cooler with drinks and snacks, neck pillows, hand sanitizer and zippered plastic bags for trash would come in handy.

2: Universal Charger

Your smartphone is your lifeline. Make sure you carry a universal charger with you. One option is the Ventev Dashport q1200 which costs $35. Not only does it power your phone up but works with all devices.

3: Gas-Station Finder

You can use iOS or Android app to find gas stations. For this, use the GasBuddy app. Finding gas stations closest to you will not be a problem. If you type in your origin and destination cities, you can also find how much gas you’d need.

4: Mapping Tools

Do you want to see particular places along the way? You can use the RoadTrippers app to save a route that incorporates them all. Find restaurants and hotels with this app. The Roadside America app introduces you to quirkier attractions. You can find offbeat landmarks and museums.

5: Radio Apps

A road trip without radio is unthinkable. For this, the TuneIn Radio app should give one access to the stations around. Music, talk shows, podcasts, sports and news stations are all available.

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