6 photography tips for beginners

1. You do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive equipment to start

Inexpensive point and shoot cameras also yield good quality photos. These are good for beginners to help them determine their skills and to “warm up” before getting an actual professional camera.

2. A tripod could be beneficial

If you tend to notice that you have shaky hands when taking your photos, opt for a tripod. You might see improvements in your shots. You might also use the timer function along with your tripod to better improve stability.

3. Keep your camera handy

Opportunities to take a great photo often might occur when you would be least expecting them. Keep your equipment with you so you can have them handy just in case something comes up.

4. Make a list of desired shots

Whether you use an app or a notebook, make a list of places and scenes you would love to have in your portfolio. Take note of the environment and consider factors such as lighting.

5. Do not disregard regular objects

Take a look at your immediate surroundings with a fresh perspective and try to make an everyday object the subject of your photography. Simple subjects might bring the best shots.

 6. Enjoy the learning process and keep yourself documented

Keep on learning from experienced photographers as there is so much to learn from their experiences. You can also stay active on sites such as Flickr to keep in touch with experienced or innovative photographers.

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