A Photo-Journalism Trip to the UAE

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Photography is only as captivating as the subjects you attempt to capture, so true photography adventurers will be willing to travel all over the world in pursuit of that perfect shot. If you’re trying to capture the serenity of the desert, what better way to do so than to book a trip to the UAE. Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to know, from how to secure a long term car rental in Dubai International Airport, to where to go to get the best shots.

Adventure Time

Any photographer knows there are things he can and cannot shoot, and those rules apply in the UAE as well. You’ll want to avoid photographing bridges and government buildings. If you’re unsure of which buildings are government structures, as some are not labeled as such, you might want to secure a car hire in Abu Dhabi. Having a driver who is acquainted with the area will help you avoid places where photography is expressly prohibited.

If you can, nature is not to be missed. There are a few places along the waterfront where you can board a kayak and photograph flamingoes, which are some of the most beautiful wild animals to be found in the city limits. A cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi can give you unfettered access to the desert, just make sure it’s a four-wheel drive car so you won’t get stuck out there.

One Final Note

Don’t photograph women in the UAE, especially Emirati women. It’s culturally frowned upon, and you don’t want to end up in trouble just because you tried to capture a memory.

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