Aircraft Maintenance Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Summary: If you are serious about flying you should develop solid maintenance habits.

If you are interested in piloting you need to keep in mind that there is more to the hobby than taking off, flying, and landing. Maintenance is a crucial aspect of flying that cannot be neglected. Keeping your aircraft in good condition will help keep you safe when you are up in the air.

Clean Regularly

Keeping the inside of your car clean can help keep you from getting distracted or from items getting in your way. If you had papers or bottles in the front seat you would run the risk of something getting stuck somewhere or a switch accidentally getting flipped. Similarly, you need to keep the inside of your aircraft clean.

It is obvious that you would want to keep your Turtle-Pac and other aircraft equipment inside with you but if there are documents, bottles, or other miscellaneous items from previous flights that do not belong in the cockpit, then it is likely time to put them elsewhere. When you are up in the air piloting a plane that is moving very quickly, you need to minimize the chances of something going wrong.

Make Sure Everything Works

Another habit you should make is checking your gear regularly. Is the diesel fuel bladder in good condition? Are there any items that should be replaced or upgraded? Making sure everything works and is up to your standards is important. Set aside some time each week to check everything. You should have a list of things to check for before each flight, as well.

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