Choosing a camera for beginners

Choosing a good camera to start photography as a hobby or potential career can be difficult as there are so many choices out there for beginners. Technology being one of the factors bringing in more choices and good quality products in the market.

Decide on your budget

It’s important to define your budget first as this will determine your choice. If you are choosing the camera to use as a hobby, the different specifications would not really matter. Usually, a lens will outlive a camera as long as good care is given to it. As a beginner, it would not be a good idea to focus on marketing stunts involving “higher amount of megapixels” or “larger viewfinder”. Your focus should be on investing in a cost-effective and affordable camera body, not necessarily the most recent. The choice of lens would determine the overall quality of your photography and therefore, the choosing a good quality lens would be important.

ISO Sensitivity

A technical specification that would be good to focus on when choosing a camera to start your photography hobby is the ISO sensitivity. Simply put, a high ISO sensitivity of a camera would allow you to take good pictures in situations where there might be low lighting. This is a very valuable feature as it allows you to get good quality pictures anywhere and during anytime of the day. Some years ago, ISO 1600 was the highest you could get in the market and the quality was not so good. Now you would be able to choose between ISO 1600, 2000 and even 3200. The choice will depend on your budget.

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