Delectable Cold Treats at the Angelina Tearoom

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Paris’ Angelina Tearoom is famed for their rich hot chocolate but did you know that it comes in ice as well? That’s right! The old-fashioned iced chocolate “L’Africain” may not be as popular as its hot counterpart, but it offers a different level of enjoyment. The rich yet smooth chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream is pure indulgence on ice. It is definitely unlike any iced chocolate you’ve ever had.

The Angelina Iced Chocolate isn’t the only cold treat worth noting at the Angelina Tearoom. In fact, their ice cream sundaes are just as indulgent as their chocolate drinks. The Coupe Mont-Blanc (Chestnut Sundae) and Coupe Rivoli (Chocolate Sundae) are both excellent choices. However, the Coupe Rumpelmayer offers a different level of luxury. Named after the founder himself, this Angelina sundae features ice cream made of hazelnut from Piedmont and accompanied by caramelized hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. That sumptuous combination in generous servings offers a delectable cold treat worth queueing up for.

The sorbets are also a little-known secret at the Angelina Tea House. The lemon and raspberry sorbets make for a refreshingly tart combination. But, other flavors like the pear, mango, and strawberry are equally delicious. If you prefer ice cream over sorbets, they also offer many tasty options. The chestnut and 72% dark chocolate are among the most popular. However, other flavors like the vanilla, coffee, hazelnut, salted butter caramel, and pistachio are definitely all worth trying. If you prefer your desserts cold, the Angelina Tearoom has something for you.

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