Don’t Get Fined On Vacation, Learn the Rules of the Road Beforehand

Summary: Many countries often have strict policies in regard to their traffic laws. Be sure that you read up on them beforehand.

So you’ve finally booked your dream vacation to the exotic plains of Abu Dhabi. Your rental car is ready and awaiting your arrival, and then it’s off to see the gorgeous tours of what’s known as one of the most cultured areas of the world. But wait! Before you pull out of the parking lot, there are rules of the road that you need to know, especially in areas where road signs may not be in your language.


Confirm Your Basics

Before you become overeager and start travelling to every ideal location that you see, be sure that you know the basics of the country’s road laws. Things like knowing which side of the road to drive on, the local speed limits, stop signs, and where to park legally are only some of the things that you need to keep in mind. Most people believe that after finding a rent a car in Abu Dhabi, all you need to do is follow what everyone else is doing on the road. This could end up in a serious collision or even a fine.

Road Permits and Tolls

A short car rental in Abu Dhabi might not apply to this, but note that there are specific road permits that are required to drive in certain areas. There are also notable tolls to use divided highways, which may cost you money. These can often be purchased at border crossings or gas stations, but check with your rental company beforehand to ensure that you have everything that you need. A little extra out of your pocket to obtain that permit could save you hundreds if you’re fined.

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