How to be safe and culturally sensitive when traveling

photopackagerIt is important to know that some cultures are less open and may not be comfortable with people speaking their minds. Therefore when traveling, it is advisable to learn about a country’s culture in order to stay safe. Here are some tips on how to be safe and culturally sensitive when traveling.

Avoid drawing attention to yourself – If you travel to a country with strict laws or standards of conduct, it is best to avoid behaviors that draw attention to one self. This applies to how you dress, speak and what equipment (expensive phones, cameras, watches) you carry.

Don’t take is personally – Remember that these customs/ laws apply to not only tourists but to locals too. Therefore, if you start speaking on a sensitive topic, you maybe placing yourself and the people around you at risk.

Do your homework – Do your research online and understand what you should watch out for. You could also ask your travel agent for any information.

Dress carefully – It is easier to avoid causing offense if you dress modestly and simply if a country requires it. It is always best to dress respectfully in houses of worship and avoid wearing clothing with political or cultural references.

Staying alert – This is truer in countries where you may be slightly out of place. You should, therefore, be careful when consuming drugs, alcohol or getting intoxicated.

Follow the rules and laws – If the country you are traveling to has a curfew, restricted areas etc. you should always follow them.

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