How to Ditch the Tourist Traps and Find New Places: 3 Best Tips

You’ve gnawed through a reheated steak at an overpriced chain barbecue joint. You’ve finally snagged a selfie in front of that world-famous sculpture, only to get photobombed by someone’s nose-picking toddler. Now that it’s planning time again, the sense of “been there, done that” has you exhausted before you’ve booked a single reservation. If this all sounds familiar, check out these tips for finding new, undiscovered places to enjoy on your travels.

  1. Talk to the locals. The lady selling flowers or the friendly barista might clue you in on some attractions that the travel websites never mention. Bonus: Unlike the desk clerk at your hotel, they aren’t getting kickbacks from the big tourist traps.
  2. Don’t schedule too much. Only plan one or two experiences each day, and don’t be afraid to spend some time simply wandering if it feels safe. Overbooking can lock you into a series of obligations that leave you too drained to seek out the unbeaten path. That’s how you end up falling asleep in your plate at the same chain restaurant you frequent back home.
  3. Check social media. Perusing Instagram hashtags and local business Facebook pages can give you an idea of where local residents like to eat, drink, take in live music, or enjoy nature.

Instead of fighting your way through those so-called “must-see” tourist experiences, relax the pace a bit and try these tips. You’ll go home with some travel stories your friends haven’t already heard.

Blog written by Dev Randhawa. Dev is a travel blogger who specializes in teaching people how to travel full time.


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