How to find a clean hotel room?

Hotel rooms can have hundreds of germs because a large number of people will move in and out of a hotel room over a very short period. Therefore, it is important that you stay in a hotel room that has the same standards of cleanliness that you maintain in your home. Here are a few tips on how to locate a clean hotel room.

  1. Read the reviews – Price and brand name will not always guarantee that your hotel is clean. There is no standard body that checks hotel cleanliness at the The best way to assess your hotel’s cleanliness is to read reviews offered from other travelers. For example, Trip Advisor will offer user ratings that will give you a good idea of how clean your hotel is.
  2. Wash your hands – Washing your hands often is a good way to reduce the transfer of germs to others and yourself. It is especially important that you wash your hands after using the toilet, before and after consuming food and after traveling and using public transport.
  3. Your bedspread – Most hotels will not wash their bedspreads after each guest. You could ask your hotel to leave the bedspread off and choose to bring your own or turn your temperature to a moderate level.

Disinfect – If you are using a budget hotel, it is best to spray most used surfaces with a disinfectant. Concentrate on areas like the phone, door knobs, toilet handle, remote control and bathroom taps.Save

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