Is it More Affordable to Rent a Car or Call Taxis?

Summary: When traveling, it is wise to keep track of your expenses. Determining how much a rental car will ultimately cost you will help you conclude if it makes sense for you.


For most travelers, the only practical option they have when getting from their home to their travel destination is to take a flight. However, getting around once you arrive to your destination is a different story. Public transportation, ride sharing services, and taxis are all popular choices. For others, however, the freedom that comes with having their own car can be tempting. Understanding how much it costs to actually rent a car can help you make an educated decision before you make any arrangements.


Upfront Expenses


There are a number of different car rental companies you can go with, each with their own fees and selections of vehicles. To make sure you are getting the best deal around, do not hesitate to compare prices from different companies and browse their selections. Some may have better selections, while others have better prices. If you are looking for a car, understand what kind of vehicle you need and look for one that comfortably fits in your budget. Every dollar you save on renting a car is a dollar you can spend elsewhere during your vacation.


Gas Prices


When you take a taxi or hop on the bus, the only expenses you have to worry about are the payment fees. When you rent a car, you are responsible for filling for paying for the gas required to get you around the city. Depending on where you are visiting, the international gas prices may be higher or lower than what you are used to. When you return the car, you will likely be required to give it back with a full tank of gas. Failure to do so could unfortunately result in more fees. You should estimate how much you would spend on gas and compare the overall rental fees to what you would spend on an alternative transportation method to conclude if a rental would be worth it.


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