The 7 best vegan restaurants in Toronto

Article written by foodsnark

Going vegan in Toronto used to be a challenge, since there were very few establishments catering to animal free customers. Now however, the number of vegan restaurants has greatly increased, here are a few of the vegan favourites.

Hogtown Vegan – If you’re having trouble giving up the taste of meat, Hogtown has you sorted. They specialize in creating vegan food versions of your favourites, like waffles with (un) Chicken, wings and mac and cheese. Their versions are good or even better than the original.

Vegetarian Haven – If yphotopackagerou’re in the mood for Vegan asian cuisine, Vegetarian haven is the place for you. They have Asian inspired vegan, which can be made gluten free. They also have an all vegan dessert menu, which is very popular.

Fresh – The vegetarian chain has been in business for a long time and specializes in fresh ingredients. The varied menu offers options even for the sceptical.

One love vegetarian – The small restaurant caters to mostly take away customers. The menu includes mostly Jamaican cuisine and is very affordable.

Grasslands – If you’re looking for a slightly pricer dining experience, Grasslands is a good option. They offer a varied vegan menu, which gives you the option to choose from gluten-free, nut-free or wheat-free. There desserts are definitely worth a try.

Buddha – If you’re looking for vegan chinese, Buddha is a great choice. The restaurant does vegan versions of your traditional favourites like General Tao’s Chicken.

Rawlicious – The restaurant chain has been very successful in making Raw vegan food accessible. If you like to make their versions at home, you could purchase their cookbook, available for sale at their restaurants.

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