The Angelina White Hot Chocolate

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

The Angelina Tea House has been famous for its decadent Hot Chocolate for decades. However, its popularity has overshadowed its equally decadent white counterpart.

The Angelina Tearoom actually offers an irresistible white chocolate variety, Chocolat Chaud au Chocolat Blanc. This is just as smooth and heavenly as the classic hot chocolate. It is so thick that it resembles melted white chocolate bars being served in a cup. Its rich taste and luxurious, velvety feel is balanced out by the fresh whipped cream served on the side is pure bliss. This prevents this mouth-watering dessert from being too sweet.

You can pair your pot of Angelina White Hot Chocolate with a Tarte Citron, in order to balance out its rich flavor. Tarte Citron is a special lemon tart that has a sweet pastry filled with smooth lemon cream and topped with candied lemon.

You can also select Demoiselle Tatin, as it would be an excellent choice, as it is Angelina’s tribute to the upside-down tarts made by the Tatin sisters. It is actually a traditional apple pie, which features a crisp crumble crust and fresh caramelized apples spiced with cinnamon, mace, and cubeb pepper. Finally, a generous dollop of vanilla ganache completes the beautiful pastry.

No doubt the Angelina African Hot Chocolate will always be the classic choice; however, the White Hot Chocolate is definitely worth trying, as it is not only divine but also goes really well with any of Angelina’s delicious pastries.


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