Things you need to know before visiting Japan

If you are planning on studying in Japan or visiting on holiday, here are a few things every good traveler should know about this country.

People wear masks – If you notice a lot of people wearing surgical masks, it doesn’t mean that there is a disease going around. Most Japanese prefer to avoid colds and other bacteria as well as if they are suffering from a cold or flu they want to protect others from getting it. Therefore, if you have a cold or the flu, be respectful and wear a mask.

The country is very clean – Japanese do not litter and have high standards when it comes to keeping their city clean. Shoes are also seen as dirty, and therefore if you are entering a home, you should remove your slippers and wear guest slippers. In restaurants, you can wear your socks, so always carry a pair with you.

No trash cans – Trash cans are grouped in open spaces, so if you have something you need to get rid of, it is best to carry it with you until you locate a bin.

Quiet – Japanese are very soft spoken and prefer people to speak quietly.

Tips – Tips are considered a rude gesture in Japan. Therefore you will not need to tip your waiter or taxi driver. People in Japan believe that they do not require a monetary reward for doing a good job.

Finding your way around – If you’re struggling to find your way around Japan, look at buying an English map of the area you are visiting.

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