Top Places to Visit in the Beautiful Country of Jordan

Summary: Jordan is a gorgeous country that offers beautiful landmarks and a ton of activities that you and your family can partake in.

Jordan plays host to some of the most amazing landmarks and tourist destinations. Built on a society that fuses both Western and Middle Eastern culture, there are tons of activities that you and your family will enjoy.

The Dead Sea

Bordered by Jordan, Israel, and much of the Palestinian territories, the Dead Sea is actually a salty lake. It’s crystal clear waters has made it a must-see destination for anyone that comes to visit Jordan. One of the coolest things that you can experience while taking a swim is having your body instantly float to the surface to the immense amounts of seawater. Feel free to lie back and relax as you enjoy the beauties of the surrounding environment.

Other Hot Spots

The country of Jordan is extremely accessible. It’s roughly the size of Indiana and each separate region offers a different experience that you’ll undoubtedly appreciate. Once you land at the airport, spend a day and visit the surrounding area. Then, you can take a day trip north to visit the ruins of the Ancient Roman cities. Following this, you can take a trip down south on the Kings Highway to the Gulf of Aqaba where you can take a trip down the country’s memory lane. Regardless of where you go, there are a plethora of options when it comes to the country. Travelling is easy all year-round, although you’ll want to avoid August as temperatures can soar beyond 100 degrees.

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