Travel to Castello di Milan, Italy for the Best Meditation Experience

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch.

Castello di Milan in Italy is a strong, rich city with luxury and authenticity at its core. The castle which is front and center in this old yet extremely modern city was built in the 15th century and holds as much awe and wonder now as it did then. Gazing upon UNESCO’s protected Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci transports us to another world.

An awakening of the mind and heart is what the strength of the energy vortex within this city is capable of. Trust your inner voice, which is intensified with meditation to bring answers and abundance into your life. Exploration of the soul and mind is necessary before exploring the physical beauty of this magnificent city. Join like-minded people in workshops and meditation retreats that will bring peace and relaxation to your life.

Italy is known for its food and the streets of Milan are filled with the aroma of basil, tomato, focaccia, and mozzarella, every restaurant offers outstanding plates of pasta and exquisite wine from all regions of Italy. Walking tours of the streets surrounding the Castello di Milano will reveal both gorgeous fashion boutiques and popular trendy bars and clubs.

Castello di Milano is a city that attracts the wealthy and elite, dreamers and artists, old and young it is a city of opposites, the ancient and the modern. In Milan opposites attract and those looking for answers will find them here walking alongside a canal, down a cobbled street, on a catwalk, on a restaurant terrace, or in a meditation center.

Golden Touch is an amazing organization that holds annual meetings that help its members learn how we can all choose to be happy each day. This organization was founded by Dr. Zhang Xinyue, who is a teacher, mentor, spiritual leader, and author. She has authored books that teach others how to control and direct their energy flow. Each year, Golden Touch holds conferences in large cities around the world. Members can come and enjoy the teachings while relaxing in a beautiful locale. These can be great networking opportunities.

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