Traveling with your toddler

If you intend to travel with a toddler, it is important that you are properly prepared to ensure you and your toddler are comfortable throughout your journey. Here are a few tips that can help parents who are traveling with a toddler.

Travel off-peak – Speak to your travel agent and ask them when the offseason is on your route and destination. Off-season traveling will help you get better seats and avoid long

Reserve seats when you book – Pre-booking your seat preference is a good way to ensure that you have a comfortable seat and location. On the day of your flight, remember to arrive early to check in. Avoid the front row seats as these are for bassinet attachment and will include families with babies.

Bring your child’s car seat – It is a good idea to bring your child’s seat if they are under two year of age.

Preboard the seat, not the baby – Ask the counter if you can pre-board so that you can leave all your carry-on baggage and your toddler’s necessities on board. If you have another person traveling with you, you can ask them to do this, while you stay in the airport with your toddler. This way your toddler will not have to sit in an aircraft seat for any longer than he has to.

Check your stroller at the gate before boarding – You can check your stroller in at the gate, and the crew will have this ready for you when you disembark.

Adjust your toddler’s nap schedule so that he will sleep on the plane. – Know your child’s sleep times and adjust it at least a week before your journey. Making it easier for your child to sleep throughout the majority of the flight.


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