Why plane window seats are a wiser choice

Travelers have their preferences when flying. However, most will request for a window seat, mainly for the view. Here are some other interesting reasons why window seats are a smart option.

Clouds – Seeing the clouds when you are traveling is a good way to relax when you fly.

Better sleep – If you’re traveling in economy the best way to sleep is against the cabin wall. It works as a natural headrest, and your other seat mates will not need to disturb you throughout your journey.

Less bumping – When you sit next to aisle you will get constantly bumped around by carts, passengers, and luggage.

More under-seat room – Aircraft design allows a passenger seated at a window seat more under seat room for their baggage.

Light – Outside light can provide you with better illumination for reading and relaxing.

Less nausea – If you suffer from nausea, you will be less likely to if you are near a window seat.

Safety – Passengers on aisle seats can be hurt when overhead bins open, and items fall out. Also if you are tall, you may find that aisle seats offer a lot less leg room and therefore sticking your legs out of your seat may be your only option. However, this can be dangerous as passengers or flight crew can accidentally knock into your legs or knees.

However, if you are someone who needs to visit the washroom often because you believe in staying hydrated when flying, consider a window seat next to the exit. Such seating will give you the benefits of sitting near a window and you can easily get up to move around the cabin without disturbing your neighbors.

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